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Vox Populi, Vox Dei - Vol 2, Issue 5 (#31) - May 23, 1999

ADH-HH Tips & Tools

from E-mail Images to Animation

There are probably as many tips to make home page design & editing easier as there are web masters. Believe it or not, even e-mail has a role in web page editing, besides just placing your addy on your home page. If you have a tip, idea, tool, or shortcut you'd like to share & see featured in the next or subsequent article, use this form to submit it. Here we present five various tips submitted by other readers.

Basic Tip : Pictures from e-mail
   ~~~  submitted by: 
rasberri  [ email ]  ~~~
"Sometimes a person will send you a gif or jpg by attaching it to their mail in HTML form. Since it is "a part" of the sender's mail you (may not be able to) detach it by way of FileDex or Eudoramail. In this case you must do what is known as "bouncing the e-mail." All you are doing is having the sender's e-mail sent to you in HTML form, so that you may retrieve the gif or jpg.

This sounds complicated and in some instances it is! There is a simple way to do this:

You will get the mail back in HTML form and it will have your own e-mail tags (html, gifs, jpgs) as well as the person's e-mail tags you are trying to view."

ADDITIONAL INFO   There are several ways to "bounce" e-mail. This is one that seems a lot easier than the other methods. We give one other method below. In a later issue we will address other ways to extract images from e-mail.

While we're on the subject, there is a very important point all WebTVers should heed & consider. There may still be some that use "off-site" bogus addys to bounce their e-mail. One such destination of which we are aware is "nook.net," or something like that. The theory is that there is nobody at nook.net with the addy you chose so it will bounce back to you. There are great problems with this practice. One problem is that it creates a very bad image of WebTvers. The other problem is the monthly costs of hundreds of dollars (conservatively) to the owners of such server destinations to handle this bogus traffic ... the main reason for the bad image of WebTVers with these servers. Some of these servers, rather than penalize all WebTVers by blocking access to WebTV, have been contemplating several actions. One option is to of course go ahead & indeed block all WebTVers from sending mail to their servers. Another is to only bounce back the subject & e-mail (as written, without the HTML extractions). Either way, it is costing these servers money, creating a bad image for WebTVers & we urge everyone to not send e-mail "off-site" to bounce it.

If the above method is not to your liking, try the following:

Hmmmm, rasberri's tip definitely seems a LOT easier, don't it? We plan a complete article on transloading soon, which ties into this & is also important in maintaining a good image of WebTVers with the rest of the web community.

[ Technically, neither of the above methods are actually "bounces" since the mail is delivered as addressed. ]

Basic Tip : Backing-Up HTML
   ~~~  submitted by: 
Tom L  [ email ]  ~~~
"People may already be doing this but I think it is a smart move. I copy the HTML for all my home pages; then paste it onto an e-mail that I send to myself. As I update my pages, I delete the old e-mail and keep the most current. This way....if my homepage server or file manager crashes....I can just copy the code off the e-mail and paste it back onto my edit page. It came in very handy one night; when I lost 3 of my pages."

ADDITIONAL INFO   Another well used method is to store a copy of your HTML on another server site. This practice is also used to sometimes (often?) store copies of web site images. Most servers do not like it very much for people to use their sites for storage only. Some may delete your account with them after a time. [ ... Of course, a small page on their server, or making one of the pages of your web site reside on their server and editing such page periodically will usually alleviate any such problems with the other server... Let us know if this is not the case....] The beauty of the Tom's above tip is that you do not have to depend on whether your alternate backup server is up & working or not to retrieve your backup copy.

Intermediate Tip : Previewing Tool
   ~~~  submitted by: 
Emily Jackson  [ email ]  ~~~
"If you're going to be adding a large amount of text to a page, first go to the HTML Laboratory at http://www.cwru.edu/cgi-bin/tutorial/laboratory/. Type your text and HTML in there, clicking on "Show me what that does" every now and then to make sure you don't have any mistakes (and also to create "activity" to keep from getting disconnected.) When you're finished, cut out the text and HTML you've typed, go to your homepage editor, paste in the text/HTML to the appropriate file, and save your work. "

Basic Tip : Using Cut/Copy/Paste
   ~~~  submitted by: 
Linda  [ email ]  ~~~
"When you want to cut and paste a lot of text, but you don't want the whole page, I figured out one day that if you hold the "shift" key down and the "down arrow" key, cutting and pasting is much faster than just using the "right arrow" key...."

ADDITIONAL INFO   When on a page where you want more than one screenful of text, using the "shift" & "scroll down" keys also works. This will copy about 15 lines at a time with your WebTV Plus' P-I-P (picture-in-picture) activated. This will copy about a screen full of info otherwise. Then, you would use a combination of the "shift-down arrow" & "shift-right arrow" keys to select the exact point where you want your copy to end.

Intermediate Tip : AnimateOnSelect
   ~~~  submitted by: 
tom  [ email ]  ~~~
Also check out Tom's ASCII/ISO codes lists .
"There is a little known attribute that I found...It is used with an animated gif in connection with an anchor tag. The attribute is "animateonselect." It will start the animation of an animated gif when the gif is included as a clickable in an anchor setting and the clickable is selected. It looks like this...
<a href="url"><img src="url" animateonselect> </a>..."

Animated LaterGator gif (6129 bytes) Animated Blinking Cat Eyes (617 bytes)

Animated Blinking E-Mail gif (1664)
Animated Waving USA flag (10636 bytes) Animated Goofy Gopher gif (5358 bytes)

"...This is only a WebTV attribute as far as I know and I can't find much more info than what I have just told you. It does however have a problem that if the same image is used in more then one anchor tag (without being renamed) then the last image is the only one that will work. I think the problem could be removed through javascript but that's just a guess..." [note: Just like with the MouseOver code of a previous article, the capitalization of the "AnimateOnSelect" attribute is arbitrary...animateonselect, AnimateOnSelect & even aNiMaTeOnSeLeCt will all work.]

Much thanks for the above images to Patrick's Free Graphics 4 Webbers . [note: A lot of his images are animated gifs, so his pages may take a while to load, but well worth the wait.]

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