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Vox Populi, Vox Dei - Vol 2, Issue 9 (#35) - July 18, 1999

ADH-HH Tips & Tools

A Topsite CGI, plus Faster Loadtime

edited by:ericB

This issue we present a tip regarding a Topsite CGI for your site. This tip will help drive people to your site by way of a "competition" of sorts. Now, Black Nightmare warns that his site may be a bit dark in nature for some, but he has submitted a very interesting & useful tip, presented in a very easy to follow set of instructions. In a few issues, we plan to present a primer or bare basics of CGI so that those of us (myself included) can get a grasp on this useful tool. I hope you look forward to it, I sure am. In the meantime, here's Mike's tip, followed by a tip on getting your site to load faster.

Advanced Tip : An Easy as 1-2-3 Topsite CGI
   ~submitted by: 
Mike Rogers ~
   aka  (Black Knightmare)  [ email ]

"How to set up a CGI topsite list using WebTV in 15 minutes WITHOUT having to learn CGI.

Wouldn't it be neat if people linked to your website? Wouldn't it be REALLY neat if people were in competition with one another to see how many hits they could give to your site? That's what a topsites list does.

They're a win-win page-hit machine that generates page-hits for you by appealing to the natural human instinct to compete with other people. They also generate page-hits for all of the people involved with the list, so the people who know how to bring traffic to their sites are almost always eager to join them. You've seen them everywhere, but you don't have a clue how to write the CGI needed to run a topsite list, and besides, you can't do any of that using WebTV anyway, right?

Wrong! You can, and for those of you who don't want to learn CGI/Perl here's a neat little shortcut that'll create a list for you. Free.

Okay, it all sounds great, so how's it done?

Your list is set up, now all you have to do is let the traffic roll in, right? Wrong.

There are literally thousands of topsite lists out there. You have to make yours stand out in the crowd so that high traffic sites will join up and bring new visitors and members to your list. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this:

Hope this was helpful, I know myself that these lists work. The BlackList (in its newest incarnation) began in April of this year and sees about 300-600 hits per day (about 15,000 unique page-views since April), about half of that is unique daily traffic. Not bad for a site that's still relatively new. (The main page admittedly sees significantly less.) The best part about it is that with using CGI, it updates itself! I can leave it alone for a week or two at a time without anyone noticing... Topsite lists are a powerful tool for getting attention for any website!

~Mike "

Basic Tip : Faster Loading Site
   ~submitted by:  DELI  LAMA [ email ]
"Make your first page of your site load faster. If necessary, make a fast loading "Intro Page." Then the next page should be an "INDEX"-type page [ed: not to be confused with "Index.html," the "INDEX" page referred to here would be similar to a "Table of Contents" page.] explaining what your site entails. Then if page 3 still loads slow, divide it up into more pages. Remember, a website is like a book or Magazine...you don't want to be stuck looking at the cover for 15 minutes!!!! But the cover should grasp your attention enough to create an interest towards you looking inside, where all the "meat" is!"

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