This page originally placed: Fri., 6 Aug 99
last modified: Fri., 5 May 2000

This is a rough draft of the

Tips & Tools Committee Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Okay. Here are the basics:


The next article for which the committee should be concerned will be published Sun., [ May 21st ]. It is published every two weeks. Our next deadline (for that issue) is the Sun. prior [ May 14th ].

The following are the ADh-HH Tips & Tools committee files:

[ all submits ]
[ all used tips ]
[ rough draft ]
[ final article ]

The notification list addy: (***see note below)

Currently tips are being directed to ericB @ (so I don't get my WebTV e-mail flooded) and Donna @ (**see note below)

Redirect URL for the tips submission form is .

Redirect URL for this ADH-HH Tips & Tools Committee Standard Operations Procedures is .

["I' refers to the committee chairman] The submits & final URLs above always point to the same file. I move (copy) the rough draft to the final URL when it is completed. Each issue, I set the redirection to the proper file where the draft is found. The URL scheme for the draft is - were MM=month DD=date of the publish date. So the next article's draft will be - See, the URL is a lot easier.

We use this method so each committee member can find, look over, select, comment, etc. as their time permits. The preferred schedule (tough we've never been able to keep it yet Our deadline is to have the article finished one week before Net4TV Voice is published. This is no longer an option, but a requirement from Net4TV Voice, and understandably so. It gives them plenty of time to put the issue together, resolve any problems, seek further explanations, etc. And they are not all trying to pull it together in one day the day before publication. Although the issue is scheduled to be published on Sun., it usually has not actually gone up online until that next day (Mon. morn).

Submits File:
In the submits file, at the top, is a quick-link to the various submissions on the page. Clicking on a number beside the tip subject will scroll you down to that tip's location on he page. There should be an asterisk beside any tip that has / is being used in an article. Usually I pull the use tips off the submits page & place them on the used page (a separate file). There is a link to the used file at the very top of the submits page. Take a look at he used file when you get a chance. Tips are supposed to be submitted only through the form on the ADh-HH site - the actual URL of the form is - the redirect URL is We are in the process of modifying the way we display the tips for members to browse & select. So, the "submits" & "used" files may not be continued to be used, we will see.


1) At a time most convenient to you, visit the submits file. Browse it & select one or more tips that you'd like to work on. Use the Onelist to notify the remainder of the committee which tip(s) you chose. If more than one person wants to work on a tip, you can either collaborate or leave it to the editor to meld the various works.

2) Respond in a timely manner to any committee business (which will usually come through the Onelist). Please use the Onelist only for "official" committee business so we don't flood each other's e-mail. It is requested that you inform the committee leader &/or his designate when you have set your Onelist receipt method to "archive" for the purpose of vacation or other absence. If you set it to "archive" for any other reason it is up to you whether you want to inform anyone.

3) Notify the committee leader in a timely manner if you discover you either no longer have time to honor your time commitments to the committee; or you need a temporary reprieve from said commitments; so a permanent or temporary replacement can be found if needed.

4) Respect & value each member's opinion. As individuals, we will naturally disagree on some things, but hateful &/or demeaning attack(s) could be cause for immediate dismissal.

5) Participate in discussions & adhere to any rules changes &/or ideas &/or projects decided upon by the committee. This committee is a full participation one. Meaning: although the committee leader acts as the focal point & steers the committee & may initiate certain actions, converse with other leaders, &/or act as the contact point on behalf of the committee, all actions are open to committee discussion and, when possible, vote. We want this to be a team effort, not one or a few individual's pet project.


***Onelist: Our Onelist account is used for group notification & discussions only. Please do not use the Onelist account for personal correspondence. We use Onelist so we don't flood any committee member's e-mail. If you need to maintain a private discussion, please use individual e-mail addys. Onelist cannot be accessed by outside individuals. Committee members are able to access it once they are added to by the Onelist moderator, presently the committee chairman. We selected Onelist for a few of its unique features:

**Server: Currently, the e-mail is being sent to the Eudoramail account. The committee files are currently being stored on Tripod. All of these are presently registered to the committee chairman (the files are currently being stored in dedicated directories on my homepage site). Soon, the files will be moved & registered under adhh_tips on Infoseek/Go, creating a new e-mail addy in the process. Once this is done, we will have the tips directed to the Infoseek/Go addy. This will be done so in the event chairmanship transfers, all of the committee files registrations can be transferred also.

The ADH-HH Tips & Tools Committee directories are blocked. In other words, nobody can view a directory list & view what we are working on. This was decided upon when we originally organized the committee. The Onelist areas for the committee are also "blocked" or "private." No one other than committee members or registered users can access these areas. So far, we have only one "non-committee-member" who also has access, Tom Chatterton, former ADH-HH Leadership Committee Chairman & still current advisor to the committee.


This SOP is a draft form at present & is most likely to be modified &/or added to. This SOP is at present a short synopsis of how, since it's inception, the committee agreed to operate. This SOP is subject to committee discussion & modification.