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Fine-Tuning Your WebSite

ADH-HH's Tips & Tools editor: ericB

Help Search Engines Find Your Site!

Submitted by Delilama

Many new homepage builders fail to realize how the name of their site will effect the search engine queries.

"Welcome to My Page" sounds nice but how will a search engine find it? This is especially true since many search engines categorize your site by TITLE first.

Use a good name in the <TITLE> that describes your sites content in brief for example "John's Page on Horses and their Behaviors" Even if it's a personal page, something like "Mary's Poems and WebTV Help" will generate more hits from a search engine query.

Make Your Site Accessible

Submitted by gifshoppe [email]

There is an intro tag that can be used in a web document that will help the different browsers view the page better. It is called the <!DOCTYPE> tag. This code determines the version of HTML that is being used in that document. This is a nonpaired tag (no closing tag needed). It all started back in October of 1994 that the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) was founded. The W3C developed common protocols that promoted the HTML standards we are using today. To stick strictly with the HTML guidelines, the tag has to be placed before the <HTML> in the web document.

The <!DOCTYPE> tag used for the newest browsers is:


This tells the browser: to read the document type as html; for public viewing; that it's standard is W3C; using updated HTML version 4.0, transitional in English. (DTD meaning Document Type Definition)

There are other tags for older browsers that can be used. All you need to do is change the 4.0 to a 2.0, 3.0, or a 3.2. These are all standard HTML codes. There is a nonstandard code that can be used for those elements that are not part of the HTML standards. It is:


If there is not a <!DOCTYPE> tag specified, the HTML 2.0 standard can be considered the default level of viewing the web document. [ ed: I'm not absolutely sure, but I believe a newer browser will most likely be able to view most documents written under an older browser. However, certain items (rules, formats, tags) change from version to version. So, certain tags, for instance, that are no longer supported from an earlier version may produce unwanted results if viewed by a later version browser. ]

For further info, please refer to:

And many more....

Researched by Linda Anderson (ADH-HH Tips)

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