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[ 001 ] Make page content interesting.
[ 002 ] Horizontal spacing
[ 003 ] Preloading Pages
[ 004 ] Alt tags (height & width also)
[ 005 ] "Scrolling" within HTML editor
[ 006 ] Use a <title> on ea page
[ 006a ] Use a <title> on ea page
[ 008 ] Transition Codes
[ 009 ] Selecting Backgrounds
[ 010 ] Paragraph & Line Breaks
[ 011 ] Choose Backgrounds Correctly
[ 012 ] Using Comment Tags
[ 013 ] Backing-Up HTML
[ 014 ] Previewing Tool
[ 015 ] HTML Editor Navigation
[ 016 ] CGI Scripting
[ 018 ] Link / SiteMaps
[ 019 ] Tripod Ediitng Tip
[ 020 ] Tame the Backgrounds
[ 021 ] Document Site Contents
[ 022 ] Transloader Tip ?
[ 023 ] Animate OnSelect
[ 025 ] Using Cut/Copy/Paste
[ 026 ] Easy as 1-2-3 Topsite CGi
[ 027 ] Pictures from e-mail
[ 028 ] MouseOver Codes
[ 029 ] Decreasing Loadtime
[ 030 ] Modifying Background
[ 033 ] Decreasing Loadtime
[ 035 ] Set Mailto Subjectline
[ 037 ] BackUp: Avoid Catastrophe
[ 0389b ] Faster Loading Site
[ 040 ] Corner Backs
[ 041 ] JavaScript Bug Notice
[ 042 ] Button/Folder Image
[ 043 ] AutoE-Mail Visitor-Notice
[ 044 ] Organizing with Templates
[ 046 ] Surf/Transload Tip
[ 048 ] Quick & EZ ISMAP
[ 049 ] Covering Keyboard (helps keep from mistypying when making a page)

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1. Make content interesting

[ Submitted: 02-28-99 .... 12:22:15 ]
[ Used: 03-14-99 article ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: Larry
UserEmail: larry-in-nd@webtv.net
URL: http://www.larry-in-nd.com

My first tip is: Have somethintg to say! There has been a proliferation on the net of sites that are there just because the space is available. They then wonder why very few visitors. Have something to offer to the cyberspace community to make it a better place. Pages of links, music, help etc. are nice but I have found most people are looking for things to give them reason to stop at a site...they want something of value from you....they want to hear what you have to say. The saying: "build it and they will come" is not always true but have something to say and they will!!

2. Horizontal Spacing

[ 03-02-99 ..... 7:24:53 ]
Name: V
URL: http://members.tripod.com/dvoe77/index.html
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
If you need to have a horizontal space on your webpage puting in these letters will give you a space &nbsp;

3. Preloading Pages

[ Date: 2 Mar 1999 10:33:41 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: The Gest Family
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/wy/gest/
We get tired of waiting for pages to load, and often back out rather than wait. This is unfair to the homepage owner, but a necessity caused by growing older and less patient. We came across a tip in the WebTV Developer that practically eliminates waiting for "subsequent" pages to load. We feel this tip should be made a part of every "subsequent" page so that when surfers click on a NEXT button, they are immediately taken to the "subsequent" page. It uses the link attribute and a "Forward Link" in the head of the previous page. For our "awards" page, we have the following tag in the head of our "vacation" page: <html><head><link href="http://www.angelfire.com/wy/gest/awards.html" rel="next"><title> GEST AWARDS PAGE, etc...... It has cut loading time down to nothing....

4. Alt tags also: Height & Width mentioned

[ 03-02-99 ..... 17:22:12 ]
Name: Dear B
URL: http://members.tripod.com/DearB/
subject: alt tags. A wonderful tip given to me by a computer user was to 1) always use alt tags and 2) to make the first one on a page say something like this: (alt='thank you for visiting') or (alt='it will take only a few seconds to load this page'). As most webtv users don't realize what happens when a computer user visits their homepages, I think the discussion of each and every tag will be invaluable and this tip of saying something nice as opposed to describing the gif and why it is needed would be an excellent topic/tip in and of itself. Hope this helps you and thanks for all your efforts on behalf of ADHHH.....this is an excellent idea, excellent job you've done, and as I think of other things I will contribute. I notice in helping others that many, many are not using height/width and definitely not alt tags on their homepages.

5. "Scrolling" within HTML text editor

[ 03-02-99 ..... 20:02:01 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: Ruth
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Wellesley/Garden/4500
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
When I first started building my homepage I use to scroll all the way to the top of the page when I was editing. I sure was happy when a friend clued me in and told me how to get up there quickly by hitting the find key and typing in html so it would bring me right up to the top of the page. This is a newbie tip of course!

6. Use <title> on each page

[ Date: 05 Mar 1999 21:51:35 -0500 ]
Name: ericB
URL: http://watcher1.cjb.net
Make it a habit of using the <title> tag, especially if you use JavaScript. Since WTV's Dec(?) update, there is a "bug" with the JavaScript that causes the page to misload. Some symptoms may include red or white border around the page. This means the page didn't load correctly and a number of things on the page may not work. When the visitor reloads the page, during the reload the use of a title can tell whether the page is loading correctly. i.e. When the green status bar in the "rotating world" popup displays "getting page" & starts to slide right, if the title does not appear in the popup then the page is again misloading. With this method, if you hit reload before the green bar slides all the way right, it will sometimes "punch" the page in, reload it correctly. Along with that, on a reload if a <title> was used, it would not appear in the status bar as it would if page loaded normally. So, in case the classic white border does not appear, having a <title> would be! another indication of an misloaded page.

*************also submitted : Same topic**********************

[ Date: 08 Mar 1999 11:05:27 -0500 ]
Name: fran
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~kcon/midis.html
put a title on every page as its the only way we know if there is a js load error. Title less pages are very frustaing.

8. Transition Codes

[ Date: 14 Mar 1999 18:39:52 -0500 ]
Name: Mike Rogers
URL: http://members.tripod.com/mrog
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
Hi Tom,
Here's something that WebTV won't tell you about, really cool extensions to the WebTV invented tag DISPLAY. They only work in WebTV's browser by the way.

While surfing with WebTV did you ever come across a page that seemed to "slide" it's way onto the screen? There's a very simple way to accomplish that little trick. Place this HTML inside of your BODY tag:
<display transition="slidedown">

Besides "slidedown" you can also use:

All of these attributes provide a really cool page transition. WebTV doesn't have them listed on there "Designing Webpages for Television" section of their website for some reason. Perhaps they're planning on not supporting it in the future, but for now, its a really cool way to grab a WebTVer's attention when they load up your website!

9. Selecting Backgrounds

[ Date: 19 Mar 1999 07:44:22 -0500 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: Ted
URL: http://member.tripod.com/~CHIT_2/TedsPlaceindex.html
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
To me, when building a home page and you plan on having a lot of pages, or it grows to have a lot of pages, I think your web site looks better to people when all your backgrounds are the same. It makes the site more appealling and easy to view than every page having a different background with different colors and graphics on the bgrounds.

10. Paragraph & Line Breaks

[ Date: 19 Mar 1999 20:19:14 -0500 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: Sue46
URL: http://
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
Paragraph and line breaks Web browsers do not respect the way you have formatted your text. They ignore carriage returns and line feeds. Unless given specific instruction, your text will be fitted to the line length of the browser. Inserting a
tag will cause the current line to end and a new one to start. Inserting a

tag will cause the current line to end, a blank line to be inserted, and a new line to start.

Preformatted text
There are times when you want your text to appear just the way you have typed it. You can do this by placing a <PRE> tag at the beginning of the passage, and a </PRE> tag at the end. Your text will appear in a fixed-pitch (typewriter) font and retain any tabs, line feeds, multiple spaces, etc. that you may have included. For example:

        <pre>There was a young man from Boston 
                 who bought himself a new Austin. 
                     He had room for his lass 
                        and a gallon of gas
                            but his tie
                               hung out and he 
                                 lost 'em.</pre>

11. Choose Backgrounds Correctly

[ Date: 25 Mar 1999 23:45:17 -0500 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: rasberri
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/4790/index.html
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
Have you ever clicked on website who's backgrounds keeps vanishing and reappearing as you navigate through the site?

I have found this to be true of pages that are built using webtv. In fact my pages have vanished into thin air from time to time. The problem: the background gif or jpg is to big. If it's over 800x then it will not stay put.

To rectify the problem simple check the size of the background by taking it to ImageMagick and typing it's URL in the http:// box. Once you hit view the size of the background appears.

If it is over 800x you can resize the picture by hitting RESIZE and making the larger number (the one on your right) 800x or smaller. Doing this should keep your backgrounds in place.

12. Using Comment Tags

[ Date: 05 Apr 1999 20:36:37 -0400 ]
Name: Sandy
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~COUNTRYfoxzz/index.html
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
A tip to use when making tabels and audio scopes...If you are like me and have used more then one table on a page or have created and audio scope.. you will find it frustrating sometimes when you think you have it right and you go to check it out and something is wrong.. when making tables and audio scopes, before each table I use the hidden code using the lesser and greater signs after each on you can place the !(exclamation symbol) then start with number 1... example using parentheses in place of the lesser and greater symbols (!!-----------------------------------------) This will not show up on your page but if the table or audio scope isn't right then all you have to do is pull up your Find Key and type in the the line you want to go to, to correct. It can also help you find exactly where you left off when designing a page. With some of the audio scopes I have made, it really came in handy. I am sure if you have designed a page with several tables, scopes,etc and try to find where the mistake is by looking at a whole page of codes, you can sometimes get very frustrated. Just a little tip I have found that has saved me many hours of staring a page when it's right there in front of you all the time..but you just couldn't find the right line..

13. Backing-Up HTML

[ Date: 09 Apr 1999 21:39:57 -0400 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: Tom L
URL: http://www.geocities.com/~bradentontom
People may already be doing this but I think it is a smart move. I copy the html for all my homepages; then paste it onto an email that I send to myself. As I update my pages, I delete the old email and keep the most current. This way....if my homepage server or file manager crashes....I can just copy the code off the email and paste it back onto my edit page. It came in very handy one night; when I lost 3 of my pages.

14. Previewing Tool

[ Date: 12 Apr 1999 12:54:42 -0400 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: Emily Jackson
URL: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/1139/
If you're going to be adding a large amount of text to a page, first go to the HTML Laboratory at http://www.cwru.edu/cgi-bin/tutorial/laboratory/. Type your text and HTML in there, clicking on "Show me what that does" every now and then to make sure you don't have any mistakes (and also to create "activity" to keep from getting disconnected.) When you're finished, cut out the text and HTML you've typed, go to your homepage editor, paste in the text/HTML to the appropriate file, and save your work.

15. HTML Editor Navigation

[ Date: 12 Apr 1999 19:10:22 -0400 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: webfriends
URL: http://webfriends/webjump.com/
In hompage editors Movement horizontaly and verticaly should only be attempted on the left margin to prevent ghost spaces being inserted. sometmes in most unfortunate spots as to cause an image or lnk to go dead. Also upon entering the text feild with edit key (on webtv) you use find key(again webtv) and enter <html in the window then enter it will instantly transport to top of the page. use any charecter you wish to find <img to check urls and spaceing ect cmd g will move thru one at a time to search a list of the tag used <img <a </a any normal occuring stroke. When done Leave the editor with the tab key to also prevent ghosts. webfriends

16. CGI Scripting

[ Date: 19 Apr 1999 03:43:36 -0400 ]
See Also:[
026 ] An Easy 1-2-3 Topsite CGi
Name: Mike
UserEmail: BlackKnightmare@webtv.net
URL: http://www.darkserene.com/hell/topsites.html
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
Check this out.
CGI scripting is possible with WebTV. I've figured out how to do it. While this is the best example of what I can do, its not the one that I'm willing to share. I will show other WebTV viewers how to easily construct a workable topsites CGI/Perl program that requires little maintenance and little knowledge of CGI scripting. To the best of my knowlege, I'm the only person on the network who's accomplished anything like this. All I'd ask in return is recognition for being the first with the guts and intelligence to do it. I've had my ideas ripped off left and right by others on the network claiming them for themselves. I feel that I've finally accomplished something that nobody could duplicate without a written explanation from me on how it was done. If you dig what you see at the above URL, let me know. I'll warn you, the sites listed on my topsites program are dark and subversive in nature, don't let that bias your decision, please look at it from a programming standpoint. Sor! ry, but after being kicked out o f several WebTV webrings (most notably WebTV GIF Sites, a ring that I helped to build) for "objectionable" site content, you might be able to understand why I'm a bit apprehensive about this, the WebTV community has spit on me more than once, so again, please understand my reservations about this. Thanks.

18. Link / SiteMaps

[ Date: 19 Apr 1999 09:50:23 -0400 ]
TIP_TYPE: General Name: Julie UserEmail:
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Nashville/Opry/1809/
Many websites I've visited fail to provide a link back to their other pages...instead, usually you will find only a 'back' button or a 'home' button to click on. Each page should have an index or list of affiliated pages related to the website. This way, a visitor can jump from one page to another if they wish, instead of having to return to the MAIN front page each time. This saves both time and frustration, if you can simply go to the page that interests you. (Especially for those website front pages that take forever to load each time you return. :))

19. Tripod Editing Tip [tab key]

[ Date: 19 Apr 1999 10:17:52 -0400 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: janet
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~ladybug639/
When editing in Tripod, dont use the down arrow to get out. You may end up on the reset button at the bottom and hit it by mistake, use the tab key and it will bring you right out to the "use this htme key". Works every time and no reset mistakes.

20. Tame the Backgrounds

[ Date: 19 Apr 1999 12:34:43 -0400 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: Ruth
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Wellesley/Garden/4500/
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
Regarding Backgrounds:
I have found while visiting homepages that backgrounds and music are so very important in web design. A very busy loud background can be a real turn-off...the same with the wrong type of music. This can really hurt a site and cause people to back right out of it and miss all the hard work you've put into it. Softer backs or borders will not detract the reader from your text.

21. Document Site Contents

[ Date: 19 Apr 1999 19:00:53 -0400 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: Karen
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~cyberkittin
I believe a successful site needs organization behind the scenes. You shoud keep a record of some kind-I use index cards-of everything you have in your subdirectories or just in your main directory in case -like me-you lose a page. If you have a record of images,music..in your files and what was on each page if something happens you'll be able to recover quickly. If you want to change things on email or on your pages it gives a quicker reference to what you have. Listing things you link to or might want to link to,when you can do this,frees up a lot of time too. Great for Graphic,midi or link sites so you know what you have!

22. Transloader Tip

[ Date: 19 Apr 1999 ________ -0400 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: Karen
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~cyberkittin
Me again!-Transloader tips to make life easier-and maybe a bt faster. When visiting a graphic site keep a notebook handy to take down addy's of things you might want to transload. Also good to do when you use the HEX option for pages where you can't click on an image-HEX is located at transload.starblvd.net/hex.shtml using the notebook you can take one image to the transloader and when its finished hit the zap then back until you get back to the transload page. There you can put in another addy. Great if you like a few things in the same place. The HEX option lists the addys of all images,links,midis..on whatever page you give it. Always helps to write down the page addy before you GoTo Hex-Sometimes the page addy does not show when you get there.

23. Animate OnSelect

[ Date: 19 Apr 1999 19:31:20 -0400 ]
Name: tom
URL: http://
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
there is a litte known attribute that i found and it would be a good topic for an article. it is used with an animated gif in connection with an anchor tag. the attribute is animateonselect. it will start the animation of an animated gif when the gif is included as a clickable in an anchor setting and the clickable is selected. it looks like this with different brackets. {a href="url"}[img src="url" animateonselect] {/a} this is only a webtv attribute as far as i know and i can't find much more info then what i have just told you. it does however have a problem that if the same image is used in more then one anchor tag (without being renamed) then the last image is the only one that will work. i think the problem could be removed through javascript but thats just a guess. feel free to e-mail me if you want more info.

25. Using Cut/Copy/Paste

[ Date: 23 Apr 1999 10:19:21 -0400 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: Linda
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/ma/sxylady/links.html
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
When you want to cut and paste alot of text, but you dont want the whole page, i figured our one day that if you hold the "shift key" down and and the "down arrow", cut and pasting is much faster than just using the right arrow....

26. An Easy as 1-2-3 Topsite CGI

[ Date: 25 Apr 1999 00:22:47 -0400 ]
Name: Mike Rogers (Black Knightmare)
URL: http://www.darkserene.com/hell
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
How to set up a CGI topsite list using WebTV in 15 minutes WITHOUT having to learn CGI.
Wouldn't it be neat if people linked to your website? Wouldn't it be REALLY neat if people were in competition with one another to see how many hits they could give to your site? That's what a topsites list does.

They're a win-win page-hit machine that generates pagehits for you by appealing to the natural human instict to compete with other people. They also generate pagehits for all of the people involved with the list, so the people who know how to bring traffic to their sites are almost always eager to join them. You've seen them everywhere, but you don't have a clue how to write the CGI needed to run a topsite list, and besides, you can't do any of that using WebTV anyway, right?
Wrong! You can, and for those of you who don't want to learn CGI/Perl here's a neat little shortcut that'll create a list for you. Free.

Okay, it all sounds great, so how's it done?

Your list is set up, now all you have to do is let the traffic roll in, right? Wrong.

There are literally thousands of topsite lists out there. You have to make yours stand out in the crowd so that high traffic sites will join up and bring new visitors and members to your list. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this:

Hope this was helpful, I know myself that these lists work, my newest version of The BlackList has only been around for about 2 weeks [ed: tip originally submitted 25 Apr 99] and already it sees about 300 page-hits every day. Topesite lists are a powerful tool for getting attention for any website!

27. Pictures from e-mail

[ Date: 09 May 1999 18:49:47 -0400 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: rasberri
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/4790
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
Sometimes a person will send you a gif or jpg by attaching it to their mail in html form. Since it is "a part" of the senders mail you can not detach it by way of FileDex or Eudoramail. In this case you must do what is known as "bouncing the e-mail". All you are doing is having the senders e-mail sent to you in HTML form, so that you may retrieve the gif or jpg.

This sounds complicated and in some instances it is! There is a simle way to do this:
-While in the senders e-mail hit forward.
-Address it to yourself.
-Type <html> <plaintext> in the body
(just like that)
-Hit send
You will get the mail back in HTML form and it will have your own e-mail tags (html, gifs, jpgs) as well as the persons email you are trying to view.

28. MouseOver Codes

[ Date: 09 May 1999 19:24:38 -0400 ]
Name: ericB
URL: http://watcher1.cjb.net
Here's a tip to make your home page a bit more user friendly. Even though we view home pages on a larger screen than computer users we can still have trouble making out the labels on menus &/or links. Various reasons for this may be either our own limited eyesight, small lettering, or the choice of background & text colors. One way to rectify this or avoid this possibility & still maintain your selected design choices is to use what is called a "MouseOver" code.

29. Decreasing Loadtime

[ Date: 10 May 1999 23:34:10 -0400 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: Sleazy Smurf
URL: http://home.talkcity.com/ROFLWay/lwbii/index.html
ContactRequested: ContactRequested
If you are using the same Gif, midi,wav, etc. in both your sig and on a page it's generally best to copy the gif under a different file name. Ex.- cat.gif and cat1.gif but both being the same image. Use one for the sig desired and the other on the page. I'll guarantee it'll quicken load times on both.

30. Modifying Backgrounds

[ Date: 13 May 1999 22:42:23 -0400 ]
From: Linda
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~smoky4/
I was having trouble with the form on the ADH-HH page and was told to email you directly. Here is the tip- I have found alot of border backgrounds that are pretty but do not like the color of the main page. You can take it to image magic and change the color quickly and easily. Enter the url then click view. Click where it says method: click on replace. Enter the color you would like where it says color:Click on the part of the border background you want to change. Click output. Where it says format: click gif or jpg. Click single file, then output. Then transload. I hope I explained that well enough. :-) website addy- http://members.tripod.com/~smoky4/

33. Decreasing Loadtime

[ Date: 23 May 1999 19:13:35 -0400 ]
TIP_TYPE: General
From: Jerry Roberts
URL: http://members.tripod.com/Techniguy
I have noticed many webpages with excessive loading times. This can be the result of a buisy host server but frequently it is caused by using too large a table at the top of your page. Our browsers will not display a page until the first table has been loaded. By defining the first table with a width of 100% and height of 370 it will fit the screen and load fast. Do not put more information in this table than will fit within those dimentions. Try to limit the number of images in this first table to make it load faster. Your visitors can be viewing the first table while the rest of your page is loading.

35. Setting "Mailto" Subject Line

[ Date: 19 Jun 1999 20:17:45 -0400 ]
From: ericB
URL: http://watcher1.cjb.net
Did you ever get mail from someone you didn't know and you accidentally deleted it but it was from one of your "mailto" links on one of your pages? This is a tip to help you determine exactly from what section of your site or which of your several sitea a person clicked on your "e-mail me" link. You can add a subject line to your "mailto" code that specifies what section or site that particular "mailto" code was located. The format is [a href="mailto:thewatcher1@eudoramail.com?subject=Net4TV_Voice_Tip"] [img src=http://URL_of_image] [/a]. (Replace [ & ] with < & > ).

Due to the way the code works, there can be no spaces between the ?subject= & the closing quotes. I've used underscores here in the above example in place of spaces, but I believe any character can be used (Net4TV.Voice.Tip ... Net4TV+Voice+Tip ... etc.) based on your personal preference.

Date: Monday, July 5, 1999 Time: 2:05 PM EST Subject: Tips TIP_TYPE: General Comments: Not so much a building tip, as a security tip..... I had my main page dumped by tripod 2X, and had to rebuild..... I went crazy mailing them, and getting no where.... After the last re-build, I C & P 'ed ALL codes, of ALL pages, and have them safe and sound in my saved mail folder...... I also sent them to a friend who is on computer, who loaded them on zip file.... maybe over-kill, but I'm not going to have to go thru that again.... I suggest to anyone who has lost a page, thru no fault of their own.... SAVE EVERYTHING...!! LeeAnne...aka...DragonLadee Name: LeeAnne UserEmail: DragonLadee@webtv.net URL: http://members.tripod.com/~L_Sheldon/Enter.html ContactRequested: ContactRequested

38b. Faster Loading Site

[ Date: __ ___ 1999 __:__:__ -0400 ]
From: Deli Lama
URL: http://delilama.cjb.net

"Make your first page of your site load faster. If necessary, make a fast loading "Intro Page." Then the next page should be an "INDEX"-type page [ed: not to be confused with "Index.html," the "INDEX" page referred to here would be similar to a "Table of Contents" page.] explaining what your site entails. Then if page 3 still loads slow, divide it up into more pages. Remember, a website is like a book or Magazine...you don't want to be stuck looking at the cover for 15 minutes!!!! But the cover should grasp your attention enough to create an interest towards you looking inside, where all the "meat" is!"


Date: Thursday, July 22, 1999
Time: 2:55 PM EST
TIP_TYPE: General
Name: deborah williams
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~deb29/DebsDepot.html
ContactRequested: ContactRequested

Comments: Hello. I was not sure who to address this to, so I hope I am going about this the right way. My name is Deborah Williams and I am hoping that you will be interested in promoting my site in the interest of all Webtv'ers.

I have found a way for Webtv users to have corner images in their backgrounds, and it seems to have become a huge hit! I had over 25,000 hits in less than a week to my page, and boy was I amazed!!! :o) After only 4 days of the revealing of my site, :I found that I had won one of Webtvs most desired :awards!!...(Draacs Pick of the week). Unfortunately, It is not so easy to get the word out to sooo many people that have Webtv, so I thought that I would bring my site to your attention, so that you may want to add it in an edition of Net4Tv voice. Feel free to take a look at my site, and decide from there. I hope to hear from you soon.


P.S. I have removed my corner image bg, since I know only webtv'ers can see it. :)


Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 20:50:43 -0500 (CDT)From: Teacher-Man@webtv.net (Jim Eakins) Add to Address BookSubject: Re: (T~N~T) JavaScript BugOrganization: WebTV Subscriber To remind people to reload in case they experience the "Javascript Bug"; ------------------------------------------------ <noframes><font color="red">ERROR Hit Cmd and R key</font></noframes>


Button/Folder Image

Date: [ Mon, 19 Jul 1999 21:58:19 ]
Name: TheWebTVGuru......While Surfing NG

[[[ NOTE: We can't use this tip with this person's name & e-mail &/or URL without first contacting them.... since we got this tip out of a newsgroup & it wasn't officially submitted to us...]]]


<body logo="URLofImage">  

Auto-E-Mailled Visitor Notification

Date: [ Mon, 19 Jul 1999 22:09:25 ]
Name: Jerry Hollingshead..... While surfing NG
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~jerry11/

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Re: (T~N~T) e-mail notification

Put this on a page and you will be emailed when someone visits it. put your e-mail addy on it

<img src="http://www.whirlycott.com/freecgi/freelog.cgi?yourname@webtv.net" height="1" width="1">

[ ed: For example: I entered this on one of my pages....

<img src="http://www.whirlycott.com/freecgi/freelog.cgi?thewatcher1@eudoramail.com" height="1" width="1">

Below is what I received when someone visited that page..... ]

Check out Whirlycott Interchange CMS 3.0, our new discussion group app that you can add to your homepage.

It's available now for free at

Someone hit your homepage:
What page did they look at?:


Where was the person?
proxy-372.public.rwc.webtv.net. (

What time did they look at my page?
Sunday, August 01, 1999, 12:43:42 (PDT)

What browser were they using?
Mozilla/3.0 WebTV/1.2 (compatible; MSIE 2.0)

Using Templates

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Well, our committee is in the midst of some reorganization. So we couldn't do a lot of research on these tips and this may end up being a short article. Speaking of research & organizing... Net4TV Voice & (hopefully) this article are a great source for research on ways to enhance your web page. Another fount of information can be found in the various newsletters that the free web space providers send out. I use Tripod mostly and recently they had a very interesting tip on easy organizing & reorganizing a web site.

I know we all have looked at our site at one time and thought maybe a chunk of text &/or images would look better in a different place. Or, maybe you have a section that appears on each of your pages. Rather than enter all that text over & over, try placing the code into it's own file (e.g. musicsection.htm). Then, at the point where you want the section to appear, use

<embed src=URL_source>

If you place the file in the same directory as the page upon which it is to be included, you need only put the filename & extension (.HTML, .HTM, etc.) as the URL source, e.g. <embed src=musicsection.htm>. I like to use the .HTM extension on files that I plan to embed for easier identification. Unfortunately, using this method will allow your section to appear when viewed with another WebTV terminal, but it will not usually appear to computer users.

The specific method that the Tripod newsletter discussed was a bit different. They suggested using

<!---include virtual=#musicsection.htm--->

This will still not allow the embeded file to appear for computer users to see the same way we do on WebTV.

Surf/Transloading Tip

Date: Saturday, August 7, 1999
Time: 2:33 PM EST
Name: Larry
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~Momp54/index.html

Comments: Here is a tip for saving and transloading graphics. Ever been surfing and found a graphic you would like to use, but the Transloader is busy. You don't want to save the site in favorites, and you are afraid you won't find the graphic again! In your favorites make a folder titled A/Transload. This should make it the first folder in favorites. Now when you are viewing a graphic you like, HIT Save. When the Pop-Up comes up hit save page. Now at your convience go to the A/Transload folder and transload the graphics to your site.

Quick & Easy ISMAP

Date: Saturday, August 7, 1999
Time: 2:46 PM EST
Name: Larry
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~Momp54/index.html

Comments: Code for ISMAP link.

Want an arrow to point at your link?

Add this to your code: width="150" ISMAP

[Example] here's our friend the gopher again, without a link: My friend, the GoofyGopher

#1  My friend, the GoofyGopher
regular image link

My friend, the GoofyGopher #2   
ISMAP image link

The ISMAP attribute does not have to be all capitalized. The format for the above linked ISMAP image is: <a href=http://Net4TV.com/voice/><img src=goofygopher.gif width=71 height=52 ISmap alt="My friend, the GoofyGopher" border=5 invborder></a>

BTW, how did we make the vertical line above? We put the images in a table, width=323, border=3, & bgcolor=slategray. The left & right <td>'s (table data cells) are both width=170. The images, texts, & spacers are placed in each data cell as desired. The vertical line = <td bgcolor=purple><spacer type=horizontal size=3></td>

ADDITONAL INFO The above tip used a single image & a single target reference. A more advanced ISMAP would transport your visitor to a different location/URL depending on where on the image they cliced. That is, if they clicked on the upper left corner, they may be taken to your home page. The upper right corner will take them to your music page, the lower left or lower right to a different page, & even more advanced, maybe, the middle will take them to your guestbook, for example. In this advanced case, youi would most likely have a custom-made image that has, for example, a house in the upper left, the treble clef in the upper right, a different symbol in the lower left & lower right, & a guestbook symbol in the middle... such as.....

insert above described sample image here, width about 250 height about 150 or so.

How do you do that? Well, the .....

insert instructions here

Covering Keyboard

Date: [ Fri, 11 Jun 1999 23:17:14 ]
Name: Janet Westberg
URL: ????

used saran wrap or plastic wrap to cover your keyboard after cleaning it to keep out more dust and things.... Mine got cat hair....works just great....get a hole...just recover with some more.... I can't stand myself,,,I am so smart...LOL