Hi, the webring referenced below & most of this text was not done by me but by : LARRY-IN-ND (or Just a PrairieBoy).

The AIDS REMEMBRANCE QUILT WEBRING is a way to allow each of us the opportunity to remember those whom we have lost. Like the Names Project Quilt, it will give each who wants a chance to make a panel to remember and allow it to flow from one panel to another like a quilt.

There are but a few guidelines associated with the WEBRING.

I am not a member of the ring ( I have not yet made a panel ) but believe in it so much that I have asked to be able to promote it.

If you too wish to promote the QUILT WEBRING you may put the WEBRING LOGO or BANNER on your website main page with a link back to the Quilt HOMEPAGE.

For information on doing so, &
For the guidlines to actually making your quilt & / or
then joining the ring.....

please CLICK HERE!!! or banner below!!!!

If YOU need further information to assist you in making your panel, &/or joining the webring, please feel free to E-MAIL the webmaster of the webring at: larry--in-nd@webtv.net

The URL for the LOGO is:

to make the logo smaller for website, It is suggested adding height=140 width=290 border=0

The URL for the BANNER (larger) can be found on the QUILT HOMEPAGE.

The URL for the AIDS REMEMBRANCE QUILT WEBRING Homepage is http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Village/6641/quiltring.html

As a long-term survivor of this crisis
[ Apr 1999 = 15 years ] I agree with Larry-In-ND in making the following request :

Please take this opportunity to remember a loved one who has fought the battle of AIDS and has passed on. Remember them to yourselves and to the world. Let them know a REAL person passed our way.

To view the existing AIDS REMEMBRANCE QUILT WEBRING please click on the banner above to take you to the AIDS REMEMBRANCE QUILT WEBRING HOMEPAGE.

Thank-you for your understanding.

To contact webmaster of the Quilt WebRing:
1998 larry-in-nd@webtv.net

To contact me:
[ Remember, they are much more than mere statistics. ]