A Merry Christmas / Hanukkah to all...
................and to all a Good Night!

  Peace. Love & Joy, Prosperity & Health!!

      & good things thru all your days !!

  Happy Kwanzaa!  &  Happy New Year!

Luv & Huuuggggs!
To everyone in ADG & your loved ones!

I've only been online since Aug98 when I first got my WebTV Plus unit. I just discovered this fine group of people a few months ago. So most of you probably don't know me or much about me. But I've learned a bit about a lot of you from reading thru the various posts. I've seen the compassion & caring outpouring in times of need, despair & confusion or plain friendship. I've witnessed delft handling of both the facetious, deceitful & the hateful. Along with the solidarity that a senseless tragedy can bring, & the civiilty in a trying time in our country. This group really does expound the spirit of community that is the GBLT Community (or was that LGBT / TGBL / well, COMMUNITY nonetheless...). It is very heart-warming. Through the many eyes & ears around the country & world represented in this group, I see the ever diligent watchful eye on things that both concern &/or could affect us each in whatever our stage of "gayness", homosexuality, or existence. And the inseperably ingrained belief in tolerance, despite the shortsighted bigotry with which our community is treated. In short, this group seems to be one that displays the joy & spirit of Christmas all year long. That is a feat of which you should all be proud. May all your wishes & hopes come to fruition.

Since we can not legally link to the following site, please go to Song Hits.com Holiday Tunes & listen to the following tunes......
* Do You Hear What I Hear? .....RealAudio.....Whitney Houston
* Little Drummer Boy .....RealAudo.....Seager
* Oh Holy Nite .....RealAudo.....Celine Dione