A Merry Christmas / Hanukkah to all...
................and to all a Good Night!

  Peace. Love & Joy, Prosperity & Health!!

      & good things thru all your days !!

  Happy Kwanzaa!  &  Happy New Year!

Luv & Huuuggggs!
To all in ADH & your loved ones!

Since we can not legally link to the following site, please go to Song Hits.com's Holiday Tunes & listen to the following tunes......
* Do You Hear What I Hear? .....RealAudio.....Whitney Houston
* Little Drummer Boy .....RealAudo.....Seager
* Oh Holy Nite .....RealAudo.....Celine Dione

I've only been online since Aug98 when I first got my WebTV Plus unit. I had no idea about HTML & all that I've learned can be attributed to this group. I've seen some awesome skills & artistic abilities displayed. I've witnesed love, hate, friendship, support & flames. But most of all , I've seen the good heart of everyone in this group willing & offering their knowledge & skills, even if the question has been asked & answered 100 times over. This is a great group & I offer up love to you all. You've displayed the joy & spirit of Christmas, a feat of which you should all be proud. May all your wishes & hopes come to fruition.