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Each award below is linked to the presenter's homepage. They deemed my site worthy to receive their award displayed here. I am totally honored that my page met their liking. But if you really want to see some grand homepages, check out those of the below presenters.

PridePals Award


LadyBug639's Creative Kitty Award Animated Cat Cleaning Self


LadyBug639's Award #5 - Enchanted Site Award


[the Bald One ~ TBOOb's] Cool Site Award


FTLonger's Award of Excellence


Cool Internet Page Award Winner


Occassionally :~)) I help others with HTML questions. In each & every case, I also learn by helping. One such person nominated me for the following award.

V's HTML Help Award

Thanks, John D & V

On June 25, 1999, my site was reviewed by JP's Webzine & received a three-star rating. I plan on resubmitting in a few months to get a higher rating after additional work on my site. Nevertheless, I'm very proud of this award.

A WebGuide Reviewed site



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