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HI, welcome to my inner self. I am a transplant from
Louisville, Ky., home of the Kentucky Derby. There, I went to duPont Manual High School (any alumni reading this?) & attended one year @ the University of Kentucky. In my life, I've: travelled a bit around the U.S.; been in the military (1.3 years USAF - Honorable Disch, despite their wishes); been homeless, a vagabond, & a floater amongst jobs & friends & their houses for periods of time. USAF 'Award' Graphic I've: attended several Junior Colleges (Fullerton, Long Beach, Santa Ana; worked as an office temp, Administrative Assistant @ McDonnell Douglas in Long Beach, ward secretary @ Long Beach Veterans Administrtion Medical Center, a maintenance/grounds worker @ Anaheim Convention Center, assistant & manager of Seven-Eleven, a floor manager @ WHAS-TV in Louisville. I've been stabbed, shot @, robbed, beaten, thrown from a motorcycle @ 35 mph & higher (& lower), & had untold surgeries, & illnesses. We won't EVEN go into the countless/infinite periods of sadness, despair, grief, disappointments, lies, sorrow, & plain old emotional pain from life itself. I've had: love, joy, sex, girlfriend, boyfirends, pets, friends, acquaintances & enemies; people I like, admire, loath, despise, yearn for & would die for.

So, that, in great big hodgepodge, is my life as I know it. And you know what, several times I could not even begin to quantify, I've often questioned or been questioned about if I would change a bit of it. ...................Nope.

Oh, I admit, there are many times I would have wished things had occurred differently. But I came to realize that if I had changed any of those situations, I wouldn't have arrived at the enjoyable times in my life. Fate, destiny, mother nature, the universe???? No, just the hand of God that is in everything that exists. I'm in no way blaming him for the evil/sad times in my life. But if we praise Him for the good times (most of us probably just give ouselves a pat on the back), then we must accept that some evil will occassionally rear it's ugly head. So, such is my life, such as it is.

Well, as it would happen, I moved to Los Angeles, Hollywood specifically, in 1990. Hmmmmm, gotta figure out whether I'm gonna bore you with the non-eventful time from 1990 to 1998. Okay, I'll put that in the "other medium" section link below.

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Hollywood Chamber of Commerce L.A. Locator - Hollywood
City of Los Angeles L.A. Locator - Greater Los Angeles

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Okay. It's now 1998 (@ the time of my first writing this), almost 1999, just around the corner from the new millenium!!!! You may be wondering why I took the nick of theWatcher.....hmmmmm...... fair enough question. The story goes back 14-18 years, but I'll condense it immensely. See, since 1990, I've been on what was deemed terminal disability at the time. The cause, well, that's what started about 18 years ago. Remember those days, free, wild, uninhibited and carefree. The day when the only thing you had to worry about if you weren't careful was a half dozen visits to the doc and just as many or more shots. But, hey, we were immortal.....right? Must have thought so cause after those shots, we were right back at it again, men, women, and those who were undecided, all alike. Ah, yes, we learned alright......we learned the hard way.

We learned from burying our brothers and sisters and keeping long into the next week vigils at hospital bedsides of loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers we didn't know. I won't get in to the politics, gorey details or dogma of the period.... that's best left for another medium. But we did band together, those of us under the pariah, and learned that we all, no matter what background, belief, orientation had to band together cause this mess was bigger than all of us...... This mess.....HIV/AIDS.

Visit the fine medical team
where I get my medical care @

a most talented group.

Well, did my share of volunteer work in those days. But, as I said, became too ill to work about 1990 or so. The timing was just perfect. I had been working at McDonnell Douglas in Long Beach as an office tech after the previous position of Administrative Assistant ended. About the time it was getting too difficult for me to work, they were downsizing. Since I had only been in that division for a little over a year, well, you guessed it, I was given the boot. It was okay, however. I had learned a whole lot about office computer programs, programming, and applications. I had a really great reference for my resume, even though I knew I was not going to be able to use it. And I got the skills of being able to instruct others, even from a remote location, how to use certain office applications. It was a GREAT job.

So, I started to collect Social Security Disability, went about getting my life in order, and began the wait. See, at that time in space, with the little knowledge we had, the prognosis was a two-year lifespan after receiving a positive test result, or a disabling diagnosis. So I began the wait. I kept up a bit of the volunteer work. I even kept my hand in computers via the Long Beach library. They had public computer stations you could reserve for blocks of time. I needed something to keep my mind off of more morbid details, and to keep the mind & brain working..... So I continued to wait. And wait. And wait. And wait.

During that time, I really got to thinking about our mortality, mine in particular. That's also about the time I noticed the Highlander TV series. Part of the theme starts out "He is immortal...", ahhh, the thought of "if only". Well, I pretty much knew I wasn't immortal. I also knew that I was constantly watching and helping out friends in the background. Sorta akin to the "watcher" on Highlander....thus....
It also helped that the "watcher" character of the show used a cane, something I was also doing @ the time.

It was a psychological cleansing type thing, I guess, to attach such feeling to such a show. There was an "immortal" who relayed his experiences during some of the the most interesting times in earth's history....always remaining optimistic holding out hope for humankind. And the scenery of the locations! The characters taught tolerance & the love of life. Hey, if you or I'd lived for centuries, maybe we'd have a different outlook on life, too. Well, with my mortality ever present on my mind, I sorta connected with that theme of the show.

Anyway, also @ that time I had it in my mind, hey, if I was going to go out in two years, I was going to do it soused. Besides, it eased the pains, both physical and emotional, I thought. So as I waited, and I drank. I volunteered and I waited. And I drank. And I volunteered some more, and I waited. And I drank. And...well, you get the picture. The trouble was, we've now reached the five year mark in my story..... right!! I thought the same thing.... So I concluded....wait-a-minute.....I gotta re-evaluate cause I've been waiting for the two-year doomsday for five years now! It's time to regroup. Well, the very next day I became sober. [You'll be happy to know that to this day, 3/4 of a six-pack, naw, say a twelve-pack, will most likely still be remaining in my refrig after 3-4 months. Actually, often times up to six months. I drink very very little now.] be continued.....

Next sick I did not get.

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A few of my favorite sites

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Well, let's take a tour of the area, citywise...
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Let's start with a few cities on the western beaches. Rainbow Bar

Okay, now let's visit a few cities to the north. Rainbow Bar

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These are a few cities to the south, to the southern beaches. Rainbow Bar

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Thanks for touring with me. Enjoy the rest of the site.

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