The Highlander Chronicles ..........The observations of this watcher on the life & antics & philosophy of Duncan McLeod, his chums, and maybe his enemies.
the CHRONICLES of the Highlander, his chums...
and maybe his enemies.......

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These are the Immortals.....

Peter Wingfield
a.k.a. "Methos"

Adrian Paul
a.k.a. "Duncan"

Stan Kirsch
a.k.a. "Richie"

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Welcome. Open access is granted to this private , nonsecure database containing the observations of this Watcher. In this location, I'm planning for you to find the chronicles, and more, of Highlander Duncan MacLeod (an immortal), his mortal & immortal chums and his arch enemies. Their journeys take them to far corners of the earth. As such, you may find that I must refer you to far remote databases @ times. All information is to be kept in the strictest confidence. I am openly granting you access to my observations, & may provide you with location details of other databases & interim clearance to access such databases. You are to insure that this info & the identities of other Watchers not fall into the hand of any mortal or immortal. This secrecy is what has made our Chronicles possible.

[Classified cover story when dealing with the uninformed.]
We are living in a wonderous time. The centuries have evolved to take us to mass media & communications. It seems that the subject of Duncan MacLeod, immortals, et al have been the topic of movies, television & print media. It seems that this has especially created a rather substantive following of both the movies & the TV series, both here & especially abroad. These outlets portray this topic as a fantasy. There is no need to be concerned about correcting this misconception as this cover story facilitates our remaining a "secret" society. It is of utmost importance that we covertly chronicle the existence of these immortals walking amongst us. As such, this public misconception facilitates our mission.
[ End cover story instructions. ]

The efforts of other individuals pales my meager attempt here. As such, I plan to have extensive links up & running connecting to other Watcher databases & the endeavors on the web of many immortals & friends of the Highlander "community". As for this location, look to eventually find pictures, stills, series glimpses & scripts, and a classified market to sell, trade, find, post, and seek items re:Immortals et al. This is an ambitious undertaking I am attempting, but with perseverance, believe it can and will be done. Browsing some of the other endeavors I've seen on the net, I am encouraged. Come back and check us out periodically to see the progress.

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Background/base info: Many centuries ago it was discouvered that immortals walked amongst us. As you can imagine, this earlier discovery @ that time in mankind's existence, caused quite a stir. There was talk of demonic possessions, witchcraft & the black arts. There may even be some truth to this. We do not truely know. To this day, where they came from, how they came to be, & why they are here remains a delima. This subject has been the primary concern & deliberation of our secret society since that period of time. We are called Watchers. Our name connotates the charter of our society. We are here to watch & chronicle the exploits, adventures & existence of these immortals. We are a closed society, handing down membership from father to son. On occassion, a Watcher has developed a more than remote relationship with his assigned immortal. Although this is highly discouraged, it has led to some rather insightful information. We still are not exactly sure how these beings came to be or what their mission is. Some Watchers have done a rather extensive inquiry on this subject. We have deemed that @ some time in the future, their existence will lead to something that they refer to as the "Gathering". This verbage has aroused a fearful connotation in the minds of some Watchers. There are many observations & anecdotal info I have on this subject that I will relay @ a later time & update these chronicles such. For now, I will say that more info is to follow........

There are a few immortals that have attracted the attention of numerous Watchers, beyond their assigned immortal. This is chiefly due to to the fact they seem to live & adhere to a different, oft times seemingly higher & unique belief or code than the other immortals. These observations address these unique immortals & is subject to much modification.

My Observations

Duncan 'Collage'

Duncan MacLeod Here is a man, burdened yet freed from the burden of all the years, decades, centuries of existence. He has lived for over 400 years. In that time he has learned & witnessed the evil as well as the good and redeeming nature of man & has chosen to be a modest benefactor. Duncan as a ClansmanThrough either personal interaction, protection & instruction, or anonymously, he strives to see each person be the better half that he knows exists. It is obvioius from observing him, that he bears the sorrow & burden of the many mortals with whom he has forged a bond over his lifetime. Mortals that he has long outlived. Mortals that, when he meets them, he knows he might outlive. It would seem that one who lives such span would eventually think of himself as a God. The knowledge & skills that could be gained over such a span of life would surely give a person a decided advantage. Surely Duncan too has been tempted by the extremely powerful urge to be "all powerful" & rule humankind that centuries of existence undoubtedly forges. Many of his foes do harbor this desire. Yet, Duncan meets each adversary in mostly a freienship nature. He knows that in the end, whoever is remaining will have to fight & take the other(s) head(s). This must be a terrible burden to bear, indeed. For each immortal that he meets, he attempts to show them how mch they could benefit the human race, & not be forever in fear of each other. As difficult as it may be when he is unsuccessful at stemming such tides, he will in the end fulfill his "destiny" & end the life of one who is bent on ending his.Duncan with sword I've often wondered how much his mind can endure, for as he takes another immortals life, he also acquires all their thoughts, memories, ills & phobias.....& must learn to deal with the emotional & mental dispair he then takes unto himself. Those who meet him & learn to respect him realize the mettle of the man. If there is to be only one, ...most agree..., let it be Duncan MacLeod.

-===-more observations to follow-===-

One of the few known "Quickenings" to be captured on film.

Richie with Motocycle
Richie Ryan , a young juvenile befriended by Duncan, living by the hard rules of the street & by his wits. If there was a training for an immortal, this would surely be it. But it is not. Richie in Bandanna Who knows who will trun out to be an immortal. When Duncan befriended Richie, he had no idea. It was just something that was totally within Duncan's character, to shelter, mentor, & redeem somone in whom he saw potential, a mortal.

Upon his "transformation", Richie soon learned that although the street rules he had lived by & his wits served him well in the past, they alone were only a small bit of his survival arsenal now. In fact, he soon discouvered the coniving, & sometimes either vindictive or begrudging attitudes of a good number of the immortals. Richie with Broadsword Some had become so jaded & even possessed by either hatred or mental despair. He found he was not equipped to deal with those who had lived & died & lived & died many times over. Fortunately, he has Duncan as his teacher. Under Duncan, Richie is learning to deal with his immortality, although often a bit naively, & respect the life of both immortals & mortals alike. Yet, he is an apt student & does realize that he must perfect his the bane of the immortal is to always be on his guard.... to always be ready to be challenged & to defend his head.

-===-more observations to follow-===-

Methos in the garden
Methos is one of the few close immortal friends of Duncan MacLeod. He has travelled many roads in life similar to Duncan & has come to many of the same perspectives. He does still remain a bit cynical & can often be a very devious individual. Yet his actions all still seem to be in support of the unspoken morals & standards that he & Duncan both individually honor, reached independently through their experiences & reasoning. When it comes down to it, so far he has been in support of Duncan. Methos on horse

There have been a few times when his alliances were very suspect & questionable. Being one part of the original Four Horsemen, his status & allegiance is oft times suspect. Altough, I have seen him use this ambiguity to his & / or Duncan's advantage. But Methos is a traveller, a free spirit. This mobility gives him the flexibility to be of assistance & in the right place @ the right time.It & his demenor seems to keep his enemies off-guard, to their dismay. For in the end of each confrontation, though the outcome was very questionable @ times, he is the one standing, experiencing the quickening, & his foe is the one who has lost his head.

-===-more observations to follow-===-

Methos / Blue sky background

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More to come........
There are a few female immortals, lest we forget....

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