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Specialty Sites
Administrative Services AIDS/HIV Resources Arts & Entertainment
Adult Verification Systems Bars/Clubs/Lounges Benefits
Bisexual Resources Body Building (non-adult) Business Opportunities
Chat & Chat Services
City Guides Classified Ads Clubs & Associations
Commercial Services, Misc Computer Services Courts & Titles
Cultural & Ethnic Resources Design, Misc Directories (Non-Adult)
Disabled Resources Drag Education
Finance Galleries (Non-Adult) Gay Communities
GLBT Resources GLBT Veterans GLBT Youth Support
Government Health & Medical Resources Hobbies/Pets/Crafts
Human Resources Humor Internet Service Providers
Law & Legal Resources Lesbian Resources Marketing & Sales
Media Net-Zines News & News Services
Odds & Ends Organizations, Misc Parenting
Photography Poetry & Prose Political
PRIDE Real Estate Religion & Spirituality
Restaurant & Food Resumes  Rings (Non-Adult)
Sales (Retail) Science Fiction, UFO's, Paranormal Senior Services
Services & Resources, Misc
Shopping, Online Sports Teens' Corner
Tolerance Transgender Resources Travel & Leisure
Web Design Web Hosting Web Resources
Women's Resources Youth Resources Other (specify below)

Adult Sites Only

18+ (young) Adult Directories Adult Entertainment, Misc
Adult Rings Africans Amateurs
Asians Baths/Saunas/Sex Clubs BDSM
Bears Bisexual Bikers
Body Building (Adult) Chat & Chat Services (adult)
Clubs College Erotica
Fetishes Jockstraps Latino
Leather Lesbians Mature
Models/Escorts/Masseurs Personals Photo Resources
Sex Shops Shaved Smooth
Stories/Fiction Straight Underwear
Uniforms Videos & Magazines Web Cams
Other (specify below)
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Advanced (involves advanced knowledge of HTML coding, Java, CGI, ActiveX, and other related scripting & programming)
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NOTE: Membership in IGGW does not include a listing in either the General or Adult Web Rings. Once you become a member, you must apply for these rings and post the correct html code on your site.