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I consider myself to have many interests & try not to limit myself to one particular genre. A lot of times, it just depends on my mood to determine what I like at the moment. However, there are a few tunes & other things that will almost always catch my fancy. I've always been interested in movies. Not just for the the action on the screen, but the nuts & bolts & mechanics that go into producing such a monumental product. As such, movie themes hold a special place with me. As do many fun & intersting sites on the web. I especially like comedies as I believe that old addage "...laughter is the best medicine...". I have included some of all these things below. Be sure & come back as I will be constantly adding things as I encounter them on the web. So, come into my "playpen", kick back, relax & enjoy.

& Stay Healthy & Happy Webbing.

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Here are a few sites I find exciting, informing, or just plain fun. For now, I mostly have only the hyperlinks. I will be adding their banners as soon as I contact them.....Give them a visit, & don't forget to sign their guest books.

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  • San Diego Bill's
  • Flannigan's Garden Of The Body Spirit
  • Living Legend 2
  • I think part of Living Legend 2's
  • SanDsu's
  • Wierd Al Museum

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    I've gotta give a bit of thanks to Angelfire. It was there that I first started this site.

    Much Love and Hugggggs!!!

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