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Hello...welcome to my website.


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MY FIRST HOMEPAGE ATTEMPT! ..¿Hmmm, maybe I went overboard?.. Of course it's been modified many times. If the guestbook is functioning, please be kind enough to sign.................

This site is basically all about me.....seen thru things that interest me. I make no bones about it being a "self-centered" site. These are things that interest me. The only thing missing may be pics of my mug plastered all over some page (but I'm working on that... & pics of my pets, too). The past few months, whenever I had a bout of insomnia, this is where I usually ended up...playing with this site, surfing the web, learning HTML. A lot of the sites I've learned some HTML from are credited in the Credits / Links section. As you can see, I've had quite a few nights of insomnia. Oh well, the WebTV is one of the things that interest me, it's the closest I can get to computer programming right now. So, it is only fitting that I bore & explore with these new-found talents.

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Matthew Shepard.....

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I'm constantly fine-tuning my site. Hope you enjoy my work-in-progress.

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