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Highlander Television Series Synopsis

Methos, Amanda, and Duncan Highlander the Television Series follows the life of Duncan MacLeod, an over 400 year old immortal, and his battle against other Immortals in pursuit of "The Prize". The television show has just concluded it's 5th Season. Since its airing in 1992, Highlander, the Television Series, has grown into one of the largest syndicated television shows in history. To its fans, it has become a cult classic.
The show stars, Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod), Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda), Stan Kirsh (Richie Ryan), Peter Wingfield (Methos), and Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson). If you wish to learn more about these actors go to Rysher Entertainment's Highlander Page and check out the section about the cast. You can even send them e-mail. Below here, I have the season seperated into its five different seasons. In them, there is a brief overview of each episode. The information provided here was obtained from Rysher's site. Make sure to pay them a visit. Use the handy guide below to see each individual episode. Duncan Poster

Full List of Episodes
Full List of Episodes
Full List of Episodes
  1. The Gathering
  2. Family Tree
  3. Road Not Taken
  4. Innocent Man
  5. Free Fall
  6. Bad Day in Building A
  7. Mountain Men
  8. Deadly Medicine
  9. The Sea Witch
  10. Revenge is Sweet
  11. See No Evil
  12. Eyewitness
  13. Band of Brothers
  14. For Evil's Sake
  15. For Tomorrow We Die
  16. The Beast Below
  17. Saving Grace
  18. The Lady and the Tiger
  19. Eye of the Beholder
  20. Avenging Angel
  21. Nowhere to Run
  22. The Hunters
  1. The Watchers
  2. Studies in Light
  3. Turnabout
  4. The Darkness
  5. An Eye for an Eye
  6. The Zone
  7. The Return of Amanda
  8. Revenge of the Sword
  9. Run for Your Life
  10. Epitaph for Tommy
  11. The Fighter
  12. Under Color of Authority
  13. Bless the Child
  14. Unholy Alliance Part I
  15. Unholy Alliance Part II
  16. The Vampire
  17. Warmonger
  18. Pharoah's Daughter
  19. Legacy
  20. Prodigal Son
  21. Counterfeit Part I
  22. Counterfeit Part II
  1. The Samurai
  2. Line of Fire
  3. The Revolutionary
  4. The Cross of St. Antoine
  5. Rite of Passage
  6. Courage
  7. The Lamb
  8. Obsession
  9. Shadows
  10. Blackmail
  11. Vendetta
  12. They Also Serve
  13. Blind Faith
  14. Song of the Executioner
  15. Star Crossed
  16. Methos
  17. Take Back the Night
  18. Testimony
  19. Mortal Sins
  20. Reasonable Doubts
  21. Finale Part I
  22. Finale Part II
Full List of Episodes
Full List of Episodes
Coming in September
  1. Homeland
  2. Brothers in Arms
  3. The Innocent
  4. Leader of the Pack
  5. Double Eagle
  6. Reunion
  7. The Colonel
  8. Reluctant Heroes
  9. The Wrath of Kali
  10. Chivalry
  11. Timeless
  12. The Blitz
  13. Something Wicked
  14. Deliverance
  15. Promises
  16. Methusaleh's Gift
  17. The Immortal Cimoli
  18. Through a Glass Darkly
  19. Double Jeopardy
  20. Til Death
  21. Judgement Day
  1. One Minute to Midnight
  2. Prophecy
  3. The End of Innocence
  4. Manhunt
  5. Glory Days
  6. Dramatic License
  7. Money No Object
  8. Haunted
  9. Little Tin God
  10. The Messenger
  11. The Valkyrie
  12. Comes a Horseman
  13. Revelations 6:8
  14. Ransom of Richard Redstone
  15. Duende
  16. Stone of Scone
  17. Forgive Us Our Trespasses
  18. The Modern Prometheus
  19. Archangel

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