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<p align="center"><font face="Arial" size="4"><strong><img src="_derived/photo.htm_cmp_ric100_bnr.gif" width="600" height="60" border="0" alt="Rics Pix & Places"></strong></font></p>

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<p align="center"><a href="./"><img src="_derived/home_cmp_ric100_hbtn.gif" width="140" height="60" border="0" alt="Home" align="middle"></a> <a href="south.htm"><img src="_derived/south.htm_cmp_ric100_hbtn.gif" width="140" height="60" border="0" alt="South Africa" align="middle"></a> <a href="pacific.htm"><img src="_derived/pacific.htm_cmp_ric100_hbtn.gif" width="140" height="60" border="0" alt="Pacific Coast" align="middle"></a> <a href="keywest.htm"><img src="_derived/keywest.htm_cmp_ric100_hbtn.gif" width="140" height="60" border="0" alt="Key West" align="middle"></a> <a href="michigan.htm"><img src="_derived/michigan.htm_cmp_ric100_hbtn.gif" width="140" height="60" border="0" alt="Michigan" align="middle"></a></p>
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<p align="left">.  <a name="top"></a></p>

<p align="left"><a href="images/ric2.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="images/ric2_small.jpg" alt="ric2.jpg (50971 bytes)" align="left" hspace="5" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="141"></a>
          A couple of pictures of yours
truly.  I use thumbnails through out my site  for the sake of download
speed.  Click on these small pixtures for the full size versions.</p>

<p align="left"> </p>

<!--msthemeseparator--><p align="center"><img src="_themes/ric/rbowsqig.gif" width="483" height="27"></p>

<p align="left"><a href="images/ric3.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="images/ric3_small.jpg" alt="ric3.jpg (51740 bytes)" hspace="5" vspace="5" align="right" WIDTH="114" HEIGHT="100"></a>  I love to
travel and meet new people and have had the pleasure of seeing most of the US by
car. I also lived in California for many years.  Recently, I have been able to
travel abroad. WOW!  My thinking has been challenged in these recent trips.  I
have become aware of how US centric I am. Now, please understand that I love the US
and there is no other nation that has the overall freedoms that we enjoy.  But the
face that we show the world has often been ambiguous.  Our government has often
supported terrible dictators.  We need to learn to look at our foreign policy from
the eyes of the nations that are affected by those policies.</p>

    <div align="center"><center><address>
      <font face="Bookman Old Style" color="#FF00FF"><em>Dear God, </em></font>
    </center></div><div align="center"><center><address>
      <font color="#FF00FF"><font face="Bookman Old Style"><em>Please correct my thinking.</em></font>
    </center></div><div align="center"><center><address>
      <font face="Bookman Old Style" color="#FF00FF"><em>Replace my arrogance with curiosity and
      my fear with Love.</em></font> 
    </center></div><div align="center"><center><address>
      <font color="#FF00FF">Help me see all through Your eyes. </font>
    </center></div><div align="center"><center><address>
      <font face="Bookman Old Style" color="#FF00FF"><em>That I might truly be a citizen of the
    </center></div><div align="center"><center><address>
      <font color="#FF00FF"><font face="Bookman Old Style"><em>and Your ambassador for love.</em></font>
    </center></div><div align="center"><center><address>
      <font face="Bookman Old Style" color="#FF00FF"><em>Amen </em></font>
    </center></div><!--msthemeseparator--><p align="center"><img src="_themes/ric/rbowsqig.gif" width="483" height="27"></p>

<p>The buttons at the <a href="#top">top of this page</a> will lead to pages that contain
pictures of some of my favorite places. Reminder: I use thumbnail sized photos that if
clicked on will show a larger photo. I will be adding more soon - I finally bought a
scanner.  Enjoy...... 
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<p align="center"><font face="Arial" size="1">This  website Copyright   1998
by<a href="mailto:ric@richardbeattie.com"> Richard L. Beattie</a>.  All rights
reserved - worldwide.</font></p>

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