Gay Media/Culture Links (last updated 5/15/99)

GLAAD Home Site

The home page of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (national).

Gay/Lesbian/Bi TV Characters

David Anthony Wyatt's incredibly comprehensive list of gay tv characters.

Planet OUT

Some great resources for g/l/b folks.

Barbara Higbie's & Teresa Trull's Web Site

Check out their latest CDs, info on tours, etc. They gave a performance in Phila. PA on 5/14/99 that was amazing.

Simply phenomenal musicians. 'Nuff said.

Tom Morrissey's NYLover: SkyWay Index

Check out Tom's section on gay culture. He also has info on the Theater & on NYC, such as links to Playbill OnLine.

Steven Capsuto's Home Page

Check out Steven's site for access to some wonderful info and links.

Fine Line Features/Incredibly True Adventures of 2 Girls In Love

Alright, I admit it. This is a really old site, but a personal favorite, since I loved the movie. This is part of the web site devoted to Fine Line Features' films. Includes audio clips, pictures, & info on the wonderful movie:


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