Links to Other Gay/Lesbian Resources (last updated 5/15/99)

Queer Resources Directory Home Page

Extensive resource directory.

Gay Workplace Issues Web Site

This is a WONDERFUL resource for gay employees. I heartily recommend it. Look here for info on gay employee groups (private and public sectors), employer policies, gay professional organizations, etc. CHECK THIS ONE OUT, folks! I love it!

This site is maintained by Sharon Silverstein, co-author of Straight Jobs, Gay Lives (published by Simon & Schuster, 10/95).

Odd Girl's Lesbian Links

This site has links to some GREAT lesbian sites on the web. Check this out to link to Hothead Paisan, Dykes to Watch Out For and some other great lesbian sites!

Deaf Queer Resource Center

An online resource center for deaf queers.

The Rainbow Mall

Interested in some gay shopping.....?

Note: As of 5/15/99, this site was temporarily offline because it is being updated. But it is supposed to return soon.

Partners Task Force Home Page

Great resources for gay/lesbian couples & our families

The Other Queer Page

This page has over 1400 links, but the menu is heavy on the graphics. Give it some time to come up on your screen; it's worth the wait.

Gay Wired

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