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ONElist requires Cookies to access this part of the ONElist web site. ONElist uses cookies to remember who you are logged in as. If the cookies cannot be set correctly, then ONElist cannot tell who you are.

We switched to a cookie based system for two reasons. First, and most importantly, there was a security problem with the old system. Malicious people could grab people's email address and password with the old system. Also, the new system is more convenient for our users. Once you have logged into the ONElist web site, you do not have to log in again.

How we use Cookies

ONElist uses two cookies; one to remember your email address, and one to remember your password. A cookie is just some information that we send to your browser. Your browser remembers this information, and everytime you return to our web site, this information is sent back to us. A cookie cannot be used to extract information from your system. You can have ONElist remove the cookies when you are done, by clicking on the Log Out link on the menu bar on the left.

What Went Wrong?

There can be several reasons why your computer didn't accept the cookies that we sent.
  • Your browser doesn't support cookies. Most browser support cookies these days.

  • You have your browser configured to not accept cookies. You need to enable cookies in order to use the ONElist web site. To configure Netscape, look under the Edit menu, in Preferences, Advanced. In Internet Explorer, look under the View menu, in Options, Advanced, Security.

  • You have the cookie warning turned on in your browser and you declined to allow the cookies to be set. If this is the case, go back to the Log In screen, log in, and then accept the cookies.

  • The date on your computer is wrong. If the date on your computer is set to a day before January 1, 1970, or if the date is set to a day after December 1, 1999, the cookies will not be set.

  • You are using an application that blocks cookies. You will need to disable this in order to use the ONElist web site.

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